Carole Allen

Carole has a strong background in writing, journalism and public relations. It was her work at the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (Houston) which  led to the development of the Dare to Dream program.

Graduating from the University of Houston in 1987 with a degree in Journalism, Carole subsequently accepted a position as Development Officer at the Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville.  She continued her employment there until 1992, at which point she became a  Public Information Officer at the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.

In that position, she dealt directly with the media and prepared documents for both the Executive Director of the Department and the Deputy Director of Human Resources. Other duties included the writing and editing of the department’s annual report, arranging special events and speakers, producing deparmental videos, training staff and making presentations regarding media relations and report writing.

After her retirement in 2002, she met Dr. Harris and became a staunch supporter of him in his quest to develop a motivational program for children in elementary schools.  The Dare to Dream program is the result of their collaboration and is based on his personal credo – “I can achieve if I believe and conceive my dream.”   Each year, ten schools in the Greater Houston area participate in the program, partnering with the Juvenile Probation offices of both Harris and Ft. Bend counties, as well as with Commmunities in Schools, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and area school districts.

In Carole’s free time she works as a sea turtle conservationist. This interest resulted in the formation of a group of elementary school children in 1982 who lead the campaign to save the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle from extinction in the Gulf of Mexico.  This goal has required incredible amounts of lobbying: testifying at state and federal levels, writing articles and making school presentations.  She continues this work as Gulf Office Director for the Sea Turtle Restoration Project which she began in 2002.