The greatest lever to accessing opportunity

NMSI believes STEM education is the greatest lever to accessing opportunity, and is unmatched in unlocking student potential.​ That’s why we’re on a mission to advance access to rigourous STEM education​.

We’re doing this through collaborative partnerships with school districts, campus leaders, teachers and communities.

Our programs are evidenced based, vertically aligned and proven to create lasting changes.

Our Programs

NMSI’s proven programs work at the local level to empower teachers and equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in college and careers. Through training and support in K-12 and college, our programs produce measurable and lasting outcomes nationwide. As important, we are closing persistent opportunity and achievement gaps and helping schools large and small, rural and urban, reach new levels of academic excellence

Empowering Teachers

Long-term student success begins with teachers. Through collaborative, hands-on training, NMSI’s programs empower K-12 teachers with the content knowledge and instructional strategies they need to set high classroom expectations and shift students to advanced levels of thinking and learning. We provide expert-led, subject-specific training and mentorship. Our classroom materials enhance teachers’ ability to boost student achievement in rigorous coursework, including Advanced Placement.

Equipping Students

NMSI’s programs ensure graduating from high school also means having the knowledge and skills to succeed in what lies ahead. That begins with engaging students in hands-on, inquiry-based learning that builds academic confidence to exceed their own expectations.

Transforming Schools

NMSI’s programs are raising the academic bar and transforming school cultures in critical ways. We are building the capacity of schools and districts to advance student achievement across all grade levels by providing existing teachers with top-notch training and giving them ongoing professional support and development. We are changing school leadership’s expectations of students by encouraging more students to take rigorous courses and equipping them to succeed.

Building the 21st-Century Workforce

Almost two-thirds of all jobs in the United States will require post-secondary education or training, plus basic competency in math and science. Without a STEM-literate and capable workforce, our economic prosperity, national security and leadership position in innovation are at risk.